tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Tra la la!

We were good kids today! We went thru a lot of shots sins we finally got work from a floater and were able to put it in to some shots. So today it was basically about putting cameras in, animate it, animate Valkyrie in shots and corrugate lightning. A lot of shots will be put on render tomorrow! I can see the light in the tunnel!!! I have done some work at home as well. Here is one little bit of it:
Now I am getting a lot of hairy kisses from my cat wail I am drinking a bottle of bear that I deserved so well today :D

torsdag 14. mai 2009

Cleaning up... working... Zzzleepin...

Have been much lately... Clean up animations, morph targets, textures that are bugging, lightning, a bit slow floater, film intro and outro, allergy, par time work, home... I am exhausted!

So little time, so much to do and the only thing that I want to do is to sleep. Every day I just have to lay down and sleep with 30 min intentions that becoming 3 hours result. I am getting things done, maybe not in that speed that I wish to, but it is a progress there.

I finished animation in some shots and passed them forward for rendering at the same time that I was rigging Valkyrias face with PolySelect and LinkedXform modifier. Here is next shot where I am cleaning up animation, will reduce hue saturation on garbage texture and set up lightning.

søndag 3. mai 2009

Inspiriting pieces and nightmares of the Valkyrie speech...

I met my friend yesterday and recorded speech for our character. I tried to understand what is happening with the sound from it comes thru the mic to it comes to a CD, but I had to give up. After some experimental recording we found out workflow that was working. We recorded whole speech at two tracks. She had to read sentences over and over and over and over again until I heard a couple of versions that was great, and over to the next sentence... I think she was having nightmares about that speech after that... I did... Anyway, somebody in my group have to research a free software to convert tracks to readable format, then we have to cut up pieces and make some effect on the voice. I do not know what effect, bit we are going to figure it out.

I was searching some inspiration. I started to think about our film title “DECAY” and then I thought about Russian song artist “Linda”. She makes a little bit untraditional music, especially if you understand the song text, but in this case I am not talking about any texts. It is one of her music videos that I want to share. I think it has some similarity with our film. These video is realy "decay". Here it is, “North wind” by Linda.

Another video that I like very much is from Russian group “SEREBRO” song- “Breath”. I do like this black and white layout that is actually not black and white. The video is a bit surrealistic fantasy stile. Love it!

onsdag 29. april 2009

Sick.... Kitten is sick... :(

The fact that I am very sick these days is actually not good excuse that it is like nearly four weeks sense last post… Shame on me…

I did a lot of design and functionality tests on Valkyrie. Here is some of tests... very litle bit of it...

After a couple of weeks with testing and modeling I feel that I am finally done. Now I have to rig the model. Anyway, here is a test render of our character :)

The rest of my group is working on skinning of the bear, setting up and rendering of establishing shot in several layers and compositing of those, shots with newspaper and much more. I hope I can come out of my “modeling-rigging-bobble” join them very soon.

My dear friend agreed to help us with piano music and voice of Valkyrie. She has beautiful a voice and she is a member of a rising star group “Atmospheria”.

Now I just can’t write any more, because my whole body is in pain, I have light fewer and I can’t breathe properly. My group members are the only thing that keeps me coming at school and working with our project…. Thanks guys

lørdag 28. mars 2009

Just an uppdate....

I am taking a break from 3DS Max and updating my blog.

I`ve been having a problems with 3DS Max lately. Problem is that I am using Mac and running Max on BootCamp. These platform is not stable enough for Max and its thinking that my  machine regularly changes identity. That leads to fact that I need to reactivate Max almost every week. And now comes the worst part...... I am getting messages now that I used all my possible reactivations that I could have on these computer and if I want to activate program I have to contact local Autodesk provider, what I did, but It is so embarrassing to send them an email so often and ask for activation code. 

I tried to reinstall Windows and 3DS Max what gave me lake 7 days trial, but did´nt helped with activation.... Some of you may ask why can´nt I use crack? Believe me, in desperatin I tried that too and got error message again!

Ok, from sad to something more cheering :)

I made a scene that I am very pleased with
I knew about a tutorial for landscape texture. These texture is brilliant, looks good and fast to render. I used it in several projects.

I found a new song that is very inspiring for me lately

torsdag 26. mars 2009

Prewiz.....Hear me scream!!!

I never thought that prewiz is fun. It is like "please, do some crap animation-render-lights and do-it-all-over-again leter!" But it is a part of a production and we was abel to se a couple of things that is not working in the metter of design and lightning. Like display on Construct, links on Valkyrie and film layout. We are in descussion about making it black and white, SinSity stile, whith some blue on Valkyrie and dirty brown on Bear.

These week was just full of stress because we got a bit of tase of our rendering time... 2 minutes per frame and 4 minutes animation...it will be... 9 days total rendering without any breaks!!!! Where is the rope so I can heng my self?

Ok, the positive side of these week is that we found our group workflow. Somebody is starting a shot or animation and anotheone is finishing it or cleaning upp. We foud out how to cut some rendering time. :) Simply animate with a block animation and render out just frames when poses is actualy changes, then put it all together in Premier. So...120frames VS 15frames... 15 frames win!
I did some changes on Bear model. Beter to skin and beter to unwrap but it is not finished jet. I need to trash the bear, delete a leg destroy an ear and an arm...

onsdag 18. mars 2009

Testing, solving problems and testing again....

A lot of things happens lately. Here is a render of Valkyrie. I did some updates on model sins, but they are not major updates so I think that it is OK to post these image.

Work and files is floating in our group. Every body is doing something in every part of the project so we do not get tired of doing the same thing.  I did some modeling and texturing and primitive lightning on our interior scene. 

Garbage in the conner is particle system. It works from a distance but on the close hold we have to composite garbage manually.

 One of our group member was sick today, but he did a lot of work at home. In mail that I received  from him he told me about crazy rendertime that he got to begin with. 10 hours per frame!!! After hours with tutorials he got it down to 3 minutes per frame... Anyway... we came up with a back-up plan in case final scene will be to havy to render out.

Everything that is marked red can be textured as a planes with opacity maps. Green stuff is buildings that is under discussion and blue is modeled and textured in 3D.